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React, AWS

“I can confidently say that Aecor was the key success factor for our IoT initiative which has been a game changer, as they turned a complex challenge into a compelling opportunity. Their technical expertise and understanding of our needs resulted in a product that provided a foundation for us to build future solutions. The experience of working with Aecor was inspiring and rewarding, and we wholeheartedly recommend their services to any organisation looking to embark on a digital transformation journey”




Consulting,  IoT (Internet of Things),  UI/UX design, Front end, Web development, DevOps, Systems Architecture, and Project Management


React, AWS

Client background

This company is a global multi-industry manufacturing leader, producing highly-specialised, engineered solutions that help customers tackle key business challenges and improve operational efficiency. They are known for their innovative and robust product portfolio, including pumps, valves, mixers, dehydration and filtration equipment which are essential for processing, blending, metering and transporting fluids and other materials across a range of  industries including food & beverage, power, energy and industrial markets.

The company highlighted the need for an Internet of Things (IoT) initiative allowing the connection of the company’s flow equipment to the cloud. Their objective was to enable real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, and actionable insights from data analytics to improve operational efficiency, drive down costs, and mitigate risks associated with equipment downtime. 

Aecor's role

Aecor was tasked with presenting a full solution to set up a cloud-based analytics environment for performing data science, machine learning, reporting & dashboarding on IoT data. As a result, they have successfully launched a product that connects all process equipment to the cloud and provides clients with a powerful tool to significantly enhance their operational efficiency. 

The  project was structured  into three specialised teams focusing on data, web front end and applications

  • Developed cloud-based data architecture
  • Designed data algorithms to analyse large volumes of data from the IoT-enabled equipment.
  • Created an intuitive and bespoke interface for clients to access real-time insights
  • Integrated functional software across The company’s product range and IoT devices/sensors.
  • Provision of a dedicated tech team resource

The ability to provide clients with real-time, data-driven insights significantly improved operational efficiency, drove down costs, and mitigated risks associated with equipment downtime. It also added a significant layer of value to the company’s product portfolio.





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