How we work

under one roof

A range of software services across multiple technologies, languages and frameworks for mobile and web applications.

Gain competitive advantage

We help entrepreneurs and business leaders realise their ambitions and build a competitive edge through digital solutions. Examples include:

  • Updating legacy software
  • Digitalising processes
  • Creating an MVP product

How we help

Our lean approach cycles through a continuous process of planning, executing, and evaluating, where responsiveness to change is paramount. Using robust delivery processes allows us to simplify the complex, and ensure projects run smoothly and meet business objectives.

Bring your idea to (digital) life

Innovate and solve real business problems with new products that disrupt established markets.

Future proof your business

Streamline your operational processes to stay ahead of your competition.

Improve your business efficiency

Enhance or upgrade legacy software to increase productivity and efficiency.

The process we use

The process
we use


A comprehensive analysis of your needs and objectives. We define and document your software system requirements and agree on how we’ll measure success. This includes advising on the best technical solutions, producing a well-defined scope of work, and helping you visualise your idea.


We bring your blueprint to life through an optimal customer journey, including user flows, wireframes and prototype designs. The goal is to produce an impactful, intuitive, easy-to-interact design for your software. With UX/UI tools, we’ll show you the look and feel of your finished software.


Aecor’s skilled developers turn your vision into a working piece of written software. We divide the development into short-term deliveries called sprints, which set small but frequent milestones and deliverables. This allows for regular, measurable updates on your project status and allows us to remove blockers quickly. We have robust tools and processes in place for you to track progress, and there are regular meetings with your dedicated project manager that provide full transparency on the project’s status.


We ensure that your software is of the highest quality and conforms to the agreed requirements and success criteria. Our QA engineers rigorously test both during and after the development process to guarantee that it performs efficiently and accurately, rectifying any issues. We use manual and automated testing methods to verify that all software passes quality checks.


Our job does not end after the release of the software. We ensure your solution stays up and running, potentially future-proofing it with new features. To achieve this, we offer post-deployment technical support to address any problems you may encounter, plus varying levels of enhancement plans over an extended period.

Our approach


Your complete solution, including scope design, development, testing and ongoing support.


An agile approach to product development means can build new features quickly, and scale operations with speed and confidence.


One size doesn’t fit all. We provide dedicated support for every project to meet objectives, remove blockers and keep you in the loop.


Having built our own product and business, we know the pain points. This means we focus on you, not the features.


We’re not just a solutions provider; we’re innovators. Let us help you discover the right tech for your needs.


With offices in London and India, we’re uniquely positioned to attract top talent and run a longer, more productive working day.

What our clients say

“Aecor helped build us a new web based events platform. They were highly professional and extremely diligent. A great software development company to work with.”
Alan Loader
Managing Director, Incisive Media
“Our business now has in excess of 5 million users. Aecor has supported our growth throughout the development of our desktop and mobile applications. They continue to provide ongoing resources that are both professional and reliable.”
Jon Milsom
CTO, Pitchero
“Extremely passionate and professional. Delivered a first-class service from both a technical and business perspective.”
Kass Hussain
Managing Director, Centrica Hive
“Aecor’s agile approach to development allowed us to continually refine our requirements throughout the project. Both professional and knowledgeable, they’ve been a valuable partner, and still are.”
Albert Mens
Managing Director, Euro-Sportring