QA & Testing Services

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Automate and manual testing services to ensure applications is reliable and scalable.
We design efficient testing and quality management processes using the latest technologies and testing standards. Our manual and automated methods can identify any defects before delivery, guaranteeing the highest quality. We can also support and maintain your software throughout its life, however complex, even if we didn’t build it.

Why choose  Aecor?

Cost effective

Fixing issues can be expensive, so identifying them early can save time and money.

User Experience

Bug free product enhances users satisfaction, and helps build a loyal customer base.


Identifying security related issues ensures a trustworthy product will be released.

Our testing services

We offer a comprehensive set of manual and automation testing services to address your software quality management needs.

  • Functional TestingEnsure every feature meets business objectives.
  • Usability TestingEvaluate the user friendliness and intuitiveness.
  • Regression TestingVerify existing and new functionality is working as expected
  • End to End TestingCheck end to end workflow is working.
  • Defect Testing Evaluate whether a defect is fixed or not.
  • Database Testing To check Validity, integrity, and consistency of data.
  • Mobile Testing Test the mobile app for functionality, usability and consistency.
  • Smoke Testing To check whether the deployed software build is stable or not.

Automation processes

Use scripted sequences, executed by processes tools, has many benefits including;

Faster Time to Market

CI/CD automates the build and deployment process, allowing for quicker delivery of new features and bug fixes to end-users.

Improved Collaboration

CI/CD encourages collaboration between development, testing, and operations teams. The standardised, automated process ensures that all stakeholders work together seamlessly, reducing misunderstandings and friction.

Continuous Integration

Developers can integrate their code changes into a shared repository multiple times a day. This ensures that integration issues are detected early and can be addressed promptly, reducing the likelihood of complex and time-consuming conflicts.

Reduced Manual Errors

Automation reduces the risk of human error during the deployment process. This leads to more reliable and stable software releases, as well as fewer incidents in production.

Automated Testing

CI/CD pipelines incorporate automated testing at various stages, including unit tests, integration tests, and end-to-end tests. This ensures that code changes are thoroughly tested and reduces the risk of bugs and regressions in production.

Rollback and Recovery

In the event of a failed deployment or unexpected issues in production, CI/CD pipelines often support automated rollback and recovery procedures. This minimizes downtime and helps maintain a positive user experience.

Enhanced Code Quality

CI/CD pipelines often include code quality checks, code reviews, and static code analysis tools. This helps maintain high code quality standards and makes it easier to identify and address issues early in the development process.

Scalability and Consistency

CI/CD pipelines can be easily scaled to accommodate increased development activity. Whether you have a small or largedevelopment team, the process remains consistent and reliable.

What our clients say

“Aecor helped build us a new web based events platform. They were highly professional and extremely diligent. A great software development company to work with.”
Alan Loader
Managing Director, Incisive Media
“Our business now has in excess of 5 million users. Aecor has supported our growth throughout the development of our desktop and mobile applications. They continue to provide ongoing resources that are both professional and reliable.”
Jon Milsom
CTO, Pitchero
“Extremely passionate and professional. Delivered a first-class service from both a technical and business perspective.”
Kass Hussain
Managing Director, Centrica Hive
“Aecor’s agile approach to development allowed us to continually refine our requirements throughout the project. Both professional and knowledgeable, they’ve been a valuable partner, and still are.”
Albert Mens
Managing Director, Euro-Sportring