Team Augmentation

Our team is your team


We complement your in-house team with technical expertise without inflated costs and onerous procedures.

Our unique model

Our unique hybrid model allows our clients to benefit from UK client liaison whilst simultaneously enjoying the perks of offshore outsourcing. Our experts at our Indian development centre span multiple disciplines and technologies to handle any kind of challenging technical projects.

Why Choose Aecor?

Cost effective

One of the most compelling advantages of using our resources in India is cost savings. This cost-effectiveness doesn't just stem from lower wage rates but also from reduced overheads related to hiring, employee benefits, and infrastructure.

Access to a Large Talent Pool

India has 5 million software engineers versus the UK’s 800,000. The CBI found that two-thirds of UK companies struggle to fill digital roles so outsourcing means that you can find the right expertise and skill sets needed much more easily.

Flexibility and Scalability

You can scale your workforce up or down based on project requirements, which is particularly beneficial as the scope of projects can change rapidly. You can increase your team for larger projects without the long-term commitment of hiring full-time employees.

Focus on Core Business

We  handle the recruitment, training, and administrative aspects of managing the additional team members, freeing you to concentrate on strategy, innovation, and growth.

Round-the-Clock Productivity

Due to the time zone differences, companies in the West can benefit from a near-continuous work cycle. While your team are sleeping, our team in India are working, leading to potentially faster project turnaround times.

Cultural & Language Compatibility

We vet our developers to ensure proficiency in both English and communication, as well as technical expertise. Indian software professionals are known for their high-quality work and innovative solutions., stemming  from a competitive education system and a rapidly growing technology sector.

Team Augmentation services

We have resources available across multiple technologies and disciplines

  • Consultants
  • Business Analysis
  • Web Developers – Front and Back End
  • Mobile Developers
  • Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Devops
  • Cloud Architect
  • Pay per Click (PPC)

Experts in a variety of tech stacks

What our clients say

“Aecor helped build us a new web based events platform. They were highly professional and extremely diligent. A great software development company to work with.”
Alan Loader
Managing Director, Incisive Media
“Our business now has in excess of 5 million users. Aecor has supported our growth throughout the development of our desktop and mobile applications. They continue to provide ongoing resources that are both professional and reliable.”
Jon Milsom
CTO, Pitchero
“Extremely passionate and professional. Delivered a first-class service from both a technical and business perspective.”
Kass Hussain
Managing Director, Centrica Hive
“Aecor’s agile approach to development allowed us to continually refine our requirements throughout the project. Both professional and knowledgeable, they’ve been a valuable partner, and still are.”
Albert Mens
Managing Director, Euro-Sportring