UI/ UX Design

Intuitive & creative designs


UX and UI have complementary roles within design, and we have expertise across both

We design user friendly, well tested, and cost-effective applications that are desirable, intuitive, and meet your business objectives.

Our specialists deliver the best user experience by focusing on optimising the product’s usability and performance, whilst also prioritising business KPIs and technological feasibility.

UX Design

UX, short for ‘User Experience’ is the way a user interacts with a piece of software or app, and how they feel when interacting with it. 

It consists of a series of processes in which the user’s tasks, role, function, technology requirements, demographics and other needs are carefully considered at each stage of the software design. Our designers work to understand the user needs through extensive research such as best practices, workshops, surveys, interviews, and other methods. This then allows a prototype to be created to walk through the customer journey and adjust with real time feedback.

UI Design

UI, short for ‘User Interface’ refers to the actual interfaces with which users engage. Once the UX prototype is agreed and we know the page structure, we look at the on-screen interactive components, and agree the formatting for the user controls.

This process may include buttons or widgets, text, images, sliders, and many other interactive elements. Our designers ensure that every visual element, transition, and animation included within your product or service is setting the stage for a fluid and positive customer experience.

Our team is well-versed in a wide array of modern front end development technologies, including:

What our clients say

“Aecor helped build us a new web based events platform. They were highly professional and extremely diligent. A great software development company to work with.”
Alan Loader
Managing Director, Incisive Media
“Our business now has in excess of 5 million users. Aecor has supported our growth throughout the development of our desktop and mobile applications. They continue to provide ongoing resources that are both professional and reliable.”
Jon Milsom
CTO, Pitchero
“Extremely passionate and professional. Delivered a first-class service from both a technical and business perspective.”
Kass Hussain
Managing Director, Centrica Hive
“Aecor’s agile approach to development allowed us to continually refine our requirements throughout the project. Both professional and knowledgeable, they’ve been a valuable partner, and still are.”
Albert Mens
Managing Director, Euro-Sportring