Mobile Apps

Pioneers in mobile apps

We design and build sophisticated, user-focused mobile apps in Android, iOS, and cross-platform.

Our Expertise

Expertise in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and responsive design ensures aesthetic and functional interfaces, while proficiency in server-side languages like PHP, Node.js, Python, and databases like MySQL and MongoDB allows for robust, scalable application architecture.

Digital Solutions for Every Business Stage

Established Business

Digitalise  your operational workflows or update your legacy systems, allowing you to gain competitive advantage

Start Up or Growth Companies

Bring a product idea through a web application that  can help you innovate, solve real business problems and disrupt established markets.

Why choose  Aecor?

Deliver  business objectives

A  deep analysis of your business model, pain points and goals to ensure we make right technical decisions for your project.

User centric design

Aesthetically pleasing software solutions based around your users’ behaviour and desires

Cost effective

While client relations are managed in the UK, our software is built in India, allowing us to be competitive on price.

Ease of maintenance

Robust documentation processes and agile methodologies ensure that applications are simple to maintain and expand.


Typically hosting our software on the cloud, and employing integrated security tooling to secure your applications and protect your data.

Scalable architecture

Scalable databases and solutions allow for seamless future enhancements without expensive reworks.

Mobile app development services

There are three distinct types of mobile applications, each with its own unique characteristics and purpose

  • Native Mobile Apps Built specifically for one platform such as iOS, Android or Windows. Because they’re unique to the operating system, you can optimise the user experience quickly and intuitively.
  • Hybrid Mobile Apps Similar to native apps, but they run through a web browser. Hybrids are not as fast or reliable as native apps, but they can save time and resources as it’s not necessary to build on separate platforms.
  • Web Apps Responsive websites that switch to a different design when they are accessed from a mobile device. Adaptive web applications, on the other hand, scale to fit the different screen sizes of mobile devices. For these apps, the design doesn’t change.

Every customer is unique, and we have built across different types of apps across several industries, each of which has bespoke requirements:

What our clients say

“Aecor helped build us a new web based events platform. They were highly professional and extremely diligent. A great software development company to work with.”
Alan Loader
Managing Director, Incisive Media
“Our business now has in excess of 5 million users. Aecor has supported our growth throughout the development of our desktop and mobile applications. They continue to provide ongoing resources that are both professional and reliable.”
Jon Milsom
CTO, Pitchero
“Extremely passionate and professional. Delivered a first-class service from both a technical and business perspective.”
Kass Hussain
Managing Director, Centrica Hive
“Aecor’s agile approach to development allowed us to continually refine our requirements throughout the project. Both professional and knowledgeable, they’ve been a valuable partner, and still are.”
Albert Mens
Managing Director, Euro-Sportring