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.NET, C#, Microsoft Azure, Azure Monitor

“Whilst we understood the needs of our customers, we didn’t possess the technical expertise internally to build the optimal system. Outsourcing the project to Aecor meant that we could concentrate on servicing our customers knowing that the infrastructure to support them was being transformed. Aecor continue to provide resource for us to support the platform they built”




Web & Mobile Development, Resourcing


PHP, Ruby on Rails, AWS

Client background

Insite Energy is a national heat network metering, billing and maintenance service provider to over 28,000 homes across the UK. Their services help ensure that the households managed by developers, local authorities, housing associations, private landlords and managing agents are treated fairly and charged accurately for their heating and hot water usage.

Insite Energy had been utilising a legacy billing platform making it increasingly challenging ​​ to service customers and clients cost effectively. As the outdated technology was hindering growth they recognised the need to develop a more flexible, scalable, and user-friendly customer portal for payment processing and account management.

Insite Energy wanted to build a new customer portal that provided their customers with a user-friendly account for easier access, efficient payments and improved account management. The new portal would allow their customers to instantly access their account details including – contact information, service tariffs, billing, payments and historical invoices.

As part of the build, it was also important to upgrade their digital capabilities and improve upon their legacy billing and payments functionality.

Insite Energy recognised the importance of developing a more flexible and scalable solution, that better served their customer needs and the growth ambitions of the business.

Aecor's role

Tasked with building the rebranded websites for each of the islands and introducing new ECommerce capabilities, Aecor designed and delivered a flexible web application that enabled easier management and growth capabilities within the IEG business. 

Aecor’s role was to build Insite Energy’s new customer portal with a modern, cloud-based solution. The new customer portal was configured to align with Insite Energy’s existing business process (to minimise operational change), whilst ensuring that their legacy system were upgraded throughout the build.

As part of the application development, a new payments and billing provider was integrated to allow for improved functionality and a better customer experience. As a result, Insite have been able to handle increased customer volumes with greater customer satisfaction.

  • Improved user experience through an easy-to-use customer portal 
  • Improved operational efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • Reduced customer churn
  • Fully integrated payments and billing system software
  • Review and replacement legacy systems
  • Streamlined registration process
  • Application and network monitoring 
  • Microsoft Azure network and application monitoring



RETURN £9.2m




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